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Winter in Moscow. 1950s

Yuri Pimenov

Oil on canvas

Yuri Pimenov looked at the world with eyes wide open and kept a childlike delight in everything he saw. He was able to look at everyday life and distinguish in the ordinary something lyrical, romantic, touching, and fragile. He was passionate about Moscow. Not only its obvious attractions - no, he loved everything about the city: from the boulevards in the centre to life in the suburbs, where people went shopping, raised their children and had their dinner beneath the lampshades. "Winter in Moscow" is not a portrait of any one particular girl, rather a generic scene which combines Pimenov’s beloved Moscow with a feeling of impatience for the New Year and an anticipation of happiness. He deliberately makes the viewer his co-author, inviting us to finish the previous and later "frames." Where has she come from - and where is she going? Who is waiting for her? In the end every viewer must finish the story for themselves. Pimenov was indeed involved in cinema. In 1945, immediately after the war, he began teaching at the Art Faculty of VGIK, the Institute of Cinematography – and five years later he worked on the film "Cossacks of the Kuban". Pimenov was a happy artist, and fate treated him kindly - his art was filled with the sincere joy of life. Winner of the most prestigious awards in the country, he was a living legend. He worked long and hard, and was very productive as a painter, as well as a stage designer, illustrator, graphic designer, teacher and writer.

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