Sunny Day. 1984 - Russian impressionism museum

Sunny Day. 1984

Nikolai Modorov

Oil on cardboard

The artist Nikolai Modorov did not apply heavy layers of paints to his canvases, and his brushstrokes were always gentle and confident. That was the manner in which he made this landscape, ‘Sunny Day.’’ It is a late painting by the artist, from the period when he was increasingly turning to rural landscape in paintings that particularly reveal his lyrical gift as a subtle poet of nature. A nephew of the famous Soviet painter Fyodor Modorov, the rector of the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow , the young Nikolai naturally considered creative work as a profession, and his studies at Leningrad’s Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Industry came easily. He turned to landscape painting almost immediately, with no doubt about his choice. The artist depicted urban, industrial and rural motifs and had a special gift – he made subtle observations about the patriarchal lifestyle of the historic towns. Art historians appropriated his landscapes to ‘romantic urbanism’ for the ability to combine this patriarchal style with the signs of modernity.

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