"DAVID BURLIUK. I SPEAK OUT!" - Russian impressionism museum
Temporary exhibition


4 October - 27 January

From October 4th 2018 till January 27th 2019 the Museum of Russian Impressionism will present an exhibition “David Burliuk. I speak out!” The exposition will consist of more than 50 works of the artist from 14 state museums and private collections which have never been shown to the public in a mono-exhibition of the master.

David Burliuk is a painter, a black-and-white artist, a poet, an art critic, “a father of Russian futurism”. He needs no introduction to a narrow group of experts and admirers of Russian avant-garde but he remains unknown worldwide.

He was a unique person. He possessed a rare talent to unite people, to be a centre of attention and at the same time he caused different and often opposite feelings in people – from admiration to irritation and criticism. Vladimir Mayakovsky named David Burliuk as his teacher: “Amazing friend. My true teacher. David made a poet out of me. Read French and German writers to me. Squeezed books into my hands. Gave me 50 kopecks every day not to write feeling hungry”. Legendary Anton Ažbe whose private school Burliuk attended in Munich named his student “a wonderful wild steppe horse”. Burliuk’s name has really become a household one.

This exhibition is meant to present versatility of the artist, to show him not only as “a father of Russian futurism” but as a lyric, an impressionist in color, a poet. The retrospective exhibition of the artist will be a logical continuation of the previous exhibition organized by the museum “Impressionism in avant-garde” because David Burliuk himself came to avant-garde through impressionism.

Burliuk created several monumental canvases which didn’t survived till nowadays and are known only from photographs and from certain rescued pieces. One of such practically lost works is a painting “Workers” (1924) where just the central part survived till our days. The Museum of Russian Impressionism will display the survived piece in the exhibition and will give visitors a unique opportunity to see the canvas as it was presented to the American public more than 90 years ago. Virtual reconstruction of the work will show the painting at a full scale.

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