Arnold Lakhovsky. Enchanted Pilgrim - Russian impressionism museum
Temporary exhibition

Arnold Lakhovsky. Enchanted Pilgrim

26 May - 27 August

The Museum of Russian impressionism is getting the public acquainted with the unfairly forgotten and zoned out from the history of the country artists. One of the most interesting masters of his day, Ilya Repin’s apprentice, wandering emigrant and Sisley’s aficionado – Arnold Lakhovsky got his recognition in the USA and Europe. This is the first retrospective exhibition of his works that captures all periods of the master’s oeuvre. Almost half-a-hundred of works from 12 museums and several private collections. Next to well-known pieces from the State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre, there the works of Lakhovsky from Perm and Cherepovets, Rostov and Astrakhan, Ivanovo, Kaluga and Kozmodemyansk are represented. At the exhibition you will find the artist’s works from the European and American collections that had been almost never exhibited before. The miraculous ability to interpret Itinerant’s themes into “impressionist language”. Artist of a facile spirit, still scrupulously silhouetting people’s figures, not impressionistically but using Repin-style to capture characters, details, to catch bright feelings. One of the most outstanding paintings of the exhibition – “Galician Types”. Jews are waiting at the bureaucrat’s office for their turn. In his peculiar manner, strikingly, finely, artist showed vivid archetypes. On the other side of the canvas before restoration, you could see another painting – a scenery. The image was daubed, as if Lakhovsky crossed it by several chaotic strokes of brown paint, indicating this side as the off one. Specialists cleared it up and saw that the scenery was also artistically valuable. Now the two-sided canvas is put into unconventional frame that allows seeing both pieces.

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