Valeriy Koshlyakov. Elisions - Russian impressionism museum
Temporary exhibition

Valeriy Koshlyakov. Elisions

10 September - 27 November

The term “elision” in linguistics is a reduction of a sound in a word or in a phrase in order to ease the pronunciation for the speaker. In the name of this exhibition, “elisions” are becoming the symbol of reduction of entire layers of cultural heritage from people’s memory. The “Elisions” project has originated 4 years ago, when the artist visited Pompeii and decided to write a book about Pompeian pictorial art influence to the European one. Pompeii in the artist’s lexicon is a metaphor of any culture’s ruins, and the book “Message in painting”, born after his visit to the great urban – another try to address the origins of the lost glorious painting art. Then there a question aroused that became the cause of the dialogue with the culture of the past: what will remain from the present-day Pompeii of the XX-XXI centuries? What will the descendants inherit?

The project is an attempt to see modern culture through the ruin’s spectrum, which is comparable to an archeologist’s “breakthrough”. There in emerging a bond with the archeology of culture which Valeriy Koshlyakov is so assertively talking about, when monuments are opening right before our very eyes. 

And here every fragment, every panel, every ruin is a part of the unified whole, of the big installation “Elisions”, of the remains of culture.

A catalogue confined to the exhibition has been published by the Museum in which the largest collection of Valery Koshlyakov works is represented. It includes articles of Danilo Ekkher, Alexandra Obukhova, Marco Filoni, Andrey Erofeev, Mikhail Dmitriev, Ekaterina Andreeva, Vitaly Patsyukov, etc. Along with the interview with Jean-Hubert Martin and Olga Golovanova-Koshlyakova.

As well as within the walls of the exposition and in our shop you could find a unique book “Message in painting” written by the artist which became a key to the whole installation “Elisions”.


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