London. From the Series ‘Drawings from Postcards'. 2012 - Russian impressionism museum
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London. From the Series ‘Drawings from Postcards'. 2012

Valery Koshlyakov

Acrylic on canvas

“A romantic from the banks of the River Don, and former stage designer of the Rostov Operetta Theatre, who appears everywhere with a shabby leather briefcase, which we suspect to be full of wrapping paper and various other bits of his future creations; he depicts mostly ruins, and not any run-of-the-mill ruins, but the imperial remains of Rome, Moscow, St Petersburg and other large cities,” – this slightly humorous characteristic was given to Valery Koshlyakov by his friend and colleague, the artist Mikhail Roginsky. “London. From the Series ‘Drawings from Postcards’” is one such work, presenting one of the largest cities in the world as the artist himself perceives it, at a time of changing of epochs and eras. Talking about himself, Koshlyakov explains: “I am not in the business of art - I am trying to figure out my own relationship with culture. An artist must drive himself flat out to express himself, find his own identity. It is an age-old doctrine and particularly relevant in the 20th century, when individualism has turned into a cult.”