Picnic in the Forest. Middle of the 20th century - Russian impressionism museum
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Picnic in the Forest. Middle of the 20th century

Alexei Isupov

Холст на картоне, масло

Upon first glance, the painting “Picnic in the Forest” is similar to the work of French Impressionists and the paintings titled “Dejeuner sur l’Herbe” of both Eduard Manet and Claude Monet. There is the same sun-drenched green lawn, relaxed posture of tourists, and composition reminiscent of gallant scenes of the 18th century. But despite the similarity, Alexei Isupov’s painting is completely different. Everything here seems familiar, native, Russian. In the foreground, leaning against a tree, sits a man in a blouse and a cap, and next to him a glittering samovar. 

The picture shows the serene calm of a hot day. The light, which in other works is central, here recedes into the background, hidden behind the treetops. In this picture the light acquires a special charm and depth. Look at all the figures slowly running around, into the distance, scattered into a sunny meadow.