Path in the Park. 1892 - Russian impressionism museum
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Path in the Park. 1892

Sergei Vinogradov

Oil on canvas mounted on cardboard

Sergei Vinogradov’s favourite genre was landscape. He painted the secluded corners of this estate garden, the spacious verandas of the house, and the light filled rooms with the windows wide open in the summer with what tenderness and love. “Path in the Park” is part of the same “estate” series. In the small painting we see how a path brightly lit by the sun runs on into the depths of the forest. Look at the beauty of these coloured shadows and the richness of the tonal transitions, at the deep green colour of the bushes, grass and trees. Be sure to seek out the flowers in the thick grass. “I wish that I had two pairs of hands and two hearts in order to manage to paint all that stirs me.” That is what the keen plein-air artist Sergei Vinogradov strove to do in his work - he was obsessed with painting. It is thought that Vasily Polenov especially influenced Vinogradov’s manner of painting, although in landscape painting the artist managed to find his own theme that was different from his teacher’s. In Moscow Sergei Vinogradov had the reputation of being the major expert on the art of the Impressionists, and he personally knew many French painters. Collectors often turned to Vingradov for advice - for instance, paintings for the well-known collections of the Morozov brothers were acquired on his recommendation.