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#RUSIMPkids: impressionism for children

3 August 2017

Museum's artist and designer Darya Alevskaya explains why children will definitely love impressionism.

1. Impressionists' artworks are very joyful, warm and sunny. That's why they are very pleasing to the eye, especially for children. Painters have used lots of bright colours and layered them one on another to create different magical visual effects. Play of light and shadow, for example.  

2. The stories behind the paintings are easily understood. They are suitable for children's perception. Kids don't have to contemplate what's going on in the picture.

3. Impressionism is a game. Painters have been playing with colors and brushstrokes, with light and shadow. Their masterworks are so colorful that it's difficult to distinguish the artist's signature. Can it be a game as well? 

4. Impressionists are famous for their plein air working principle. It's so delightful to sit down on the grass and paint in the fresh air! Children will be happy to escape the classroom.

5. Impressionism is about capturing moments. For children every little something is a big deal! Rainbow, thunder and lightning, sun in the sky… Everything makes sense for them. Impressionists have been as naive as children are and expressed their fleeting feelings on canvas.