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Sergey Radyuk

06.11.1965 - ...

Faithful to his credo of permanent experiment, Sergey Radyuk creates unusual paintings depicting the taste of wine, or tries unusual collage techniques, without, however, leaving behind traditional painting methods, in which he adheres to impressionist and modernist styles. Radyuk was born in the town of Beloozersk in the Brest region of Belarus. He graduated from Minsk Fine Arts College and later moved to the town of Vologda. His present home is Moscow, where he lives and works, but he still refers to Vologda as his creative homeland. The artist calls himself a founder of a new painting style, “jazz”, based on pure improvisation and disregarding preliminary preparation for the creative act. In the mid-1990s Radyuk and his colleagues created an International public association of young artists, called The Sunny Square. His works can be found in leading Russian museums as well as private collections, while in his spare time he travels the world with his easel.