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Vyacheslav Fyodorov

21.12.1918 - 11.11.1985

The sixth child of an impoverished family of weavers, Vyacheslav Fyodorov was born in Ivanovo-Voznesensk. Drawing was in his blood, as it was believed that his grandfather had been a traveling icon-painter. Fyodorov’s art education was at the Ivanovo Art school, and although the whole education process there was focused on the needs of the region’s famous weaving industry, the basic disciplines of art were taken seriously, and among his teachers were disciples of the famous Valentin Serov. They predicted a great future for the young man, and the school held the young painter’s first solo exhibition. But World War Two intervened. Fyodorov went to the front, and was badly wounded in the leg. Although he had been completely given up on, he set himself the task of reaching Central Asia. That was where, in Samarkand, the evacuated teachers and students of the All-Union Academy of Arts and the Surikov and Kiev Institutes of Art were working and studying, and in this unique creative environment Fyodorov became acquainted with different schools and trends in painting. He moved to Leningrad after the war, where he studied with the famous artist Boris Ioganson. With this experience and knowledge behind him, Fyodorov returned to his native Ivanovo and began teaching at the Art School, while in his spare time, he travelled around the country painting landscapes. Fyodorov’s works have been acquired by the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum.