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Permanent exposition

The permanent exposition of the Museum covers a considerable chronological range. The earliest painting is the one by Konstantin Korovin ‘In The Park’ (1880s). It was the time when Russian art made its first steps towards formal painting. The most recent works are those by Valery Koshlyakov – the series ‘Postcards’ dating from 2012. Many works presented in the Museum’s collection have been brought back to their homeland thanks to the efforts of the Museum’s founder. Among them are Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky’s ‘Summer’ and Boris Kustodiev’s ‘Venice’. Both Pyotr Konchalovsky works in the Museum collection once belonged to Western collectors, as did Nikolai Dubovskoy’s ‘Mountain Village’. Konstantin Korovin’s ‘Gurzuf’ was also purchased at one of the European auctions. The pictures produced by the brushes of Igor Grabar, Konstantin Yuon, Yury Pimenov have too rarely been exhibited to date and now are displayed in the Museum of Russian Impressionism.

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